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257 Castro St suite 224
Mt. View, CA 94041
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  • Terra Holdings Corp

    Creating quality lifestyle-focused residential developments

Meet Terra Holdings Corp.

Terra Holdings is a lifestyle property developer engaged in the creation & completion of residential developments in the premier real estate marketplace of Silicon Valley. Terra’s developments cater to the growing needs of sophisticated & trendy homebuyers and entrepreneurs who value quality living and a finer lifestyle, as well as small and medium enterprise partners looking to invest with local, on the ground expertise. Terra’s property development projects are typically located in choice areas that are easily accessible and feature prominent lifestyle elements.

As a young and dynamic company, Terra is making its mark as a developer with a strong value proposition.

The Group's business model is centered on:

▪  Creating quality lifestyle-focused residential developments.
▪  Developing both single family and multi unit residential properties in premier Silicon Valley neighborhoods that are easily accessible via public transport and surrounded by amenities.
▪  Injecting vibrancy through the incorporation of quality lifestyle features, facilities and retail elements.
▪  Integrity in all of our actions.
▪  The creation of wealth for our partners and investors.
▪  Respect for and dedication to the communities in which we work and live.

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