Terra has become a powerful team that is able to make inroads in areas that clearly provide a platform for serious empowerment. Our team is compact and creative which makes decision-making virtually instantaneous thus providing an edge over top heavy companies. A fine knowledge of the industry, a wonderful feel for development and an extensive network of key players in the arena make our team extremely competitive.

Terra's development support services provide for the most cost-effective means to create value for our sites. With our in-house expertise, the client and our partners are able to delegate the time consuming aspects of the land development process with confidence.

We bring years of knowledge and experience in the land development field. Our professional team and its' partners have developed solid relationships with area municipalities, utility districts, consultants, developers, home-builders and other area entities.



Terra's services consolidate under a single entity all aspects of the development process.



Coordination of the consultants

Communication with the municipalities and utility districts

Review of design methods

Coordination with private utilities

Property development representation and due diligence

Site selection



Feasibility analysis

Government approvals

Oversight of architectural and engineering design

Assistance with obtaining title information

Guidance on all engineering issues

Attend public meetings as owners representative



Work with engineers, attorneys, and other specialists to streamline the approval process

Guidance in environmental issues

Analyze design build versus bid spec

Coordinate and review construction proposals

Establish final detailed pro-forma based on final construction proposals

Assistance in financing


Should you wish to speak about opportunities in
upcoming projects, please contact us here.

Terra’s guiding philosophy is to produce quality assets that are commercially attractive, and will provide high quality outcomes. These robust, long term opportunities are based on a foundation of strong exit sales pricing and quality construction in
premium locations.