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Terra Holdings is a lifestyle property developer engaged in the creation & completion of residential developments in the premier real estate marketplace of Silicon Valley. Terra’s developments cater to the growing needs of sophisticated & trendy homebuyers and entrepreneurs who value quality living and a finer lifestyle, as well as small and medium enterprise partners looking to invest with local, on the ground expertise. Terra’s property development projects are typically located in choice areas that are easily accessible and feature prominent lifestyle elements.

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Meet the team

Who makes it all possible

Derek Hiejmans


Comptroller / MIS Director


Extensive Corporate Finance Oversight

Construction Risk Management Process expertise

Evaluation & Implementation of Software Programs/Systems



Certified Management Accountant

Samir Sharma


Principal and Managing Director


Seasoned Industry professional

Performance driven having generated more than $100M in top line revenue

Site selection, entitlement & construction process management expertise


B.A. - University of Washington

M.B.A. - Temple University

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Should you wish to speak about opportunities in
upcoming projects, please contact us here.

Terra’s guiding philosophy is to produce quality assets that are commercially attractive, and will provide high quality outcomes. These robust, long term opportunities are based on a foundation of strong exit sales pricing and quality construction in
premium locations.